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Kids Activity Centre

This is a plugin-based javascript application for children to use on tablets.

Click here to try it out online.

Only a few plugins were written.  These are outlined below:

A drag & drop style picture matchup game, where a child would drag parts of an image over the top of the template.  Once complete, a sound matching the image would play allowing them to move on to the next image.

Working piano.  As the child presses each key, a xylophone sound is made.

HTML5 Canvas based paint application with different colours.

Intended to allow the child to click on various areas and objects within the scene, to see it animate and hear the sound.  This plugin remains incomplete.

The entire application was developed to be packaged as a phonegap application, but works fine when accessed on its own.  It utilises the dojo framework.

Dangerous to Fish

A game written in full JavaScript & CSS.  It has a number of interesting features:

  • Relies heavily on sine waves for the waterline, swimming, bubbles, and jumping.
  • True health system reflected by the hearts and colour of the water.
  • Utilises only html canvas, no flash.
  • Audio events.
  • Borrows heavily from a number of previous fishtank & bubble simulations, such as my underh20 flash banner.

Click here to play the game.