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Desktop Support

  • managed 200+ systems as part of a nationwide digital media network that required high availability & round the clock support for both technical issues & client training.
    • remote desktop (vnc, teamviewer)
    • phone, email, ssh, on-site
  • on-site pc support for hardware installs, windows diagnostics, virus removal & data recovery
  • multi-site mixed network of 500+ devices
    • diagnostics (software & hardware)
    • apple, windows, linux
    • networking
    • imaging

Systems Administration

Multiple systems administration roles have allowed me to confidently manage & monitor large networks of varying architectures, platforms, & network technologies.  Some of the key areas I have had worked with are:

  • All Mac workplaces, with offsite iPad, iPhone, and Macbook management.
  • Computer labs – 600+ devices ranging from fixed desktops with domain logons, to tablets & laptops. System imaging & Ghost was heavily used along with image creation.
  • SANs – Dedicated hardware appliances with multple drives, linux servers with raid, FreeNAS
  • Servers – Virtualisation (KVM & VirtualBox), Windows server with active directory, Linux servers of varying distributions, OSX Server, Web servers (AWS). High availability clusters with Galera & GlusterFS.
  • Backups – Automated backup shell scripts, rotating failsafe storage methods, complex rsync scripts using comparisons to use minimal bandwidth.
  • Dumb terminals – Linux thin clients connecting to a Windows Terminal Server
  • Data migration – Website transfers, mysql databases, storage upgrades, amalgamation of servers.