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Student Notices v2

A complete rewrite of Student Notices v1 using more modern practices and toolkits.  There were a few key requirements:

  • It must be as compatible as possible across hosting providers
  • Make it easy for another programmer to come along and adjust it
  • Must be responsive – work across desktop & mobile solutions
  • Must be written quickly

I decided to write it using Bootstrap as a frontend for the responsiveness and familiarity across programmers, and Codeigniter as a backend to utilise MVC methods and ease of information on the net for another programmer to find out how to modify.  Data was stored in a flatfile JSON format to remove the need for a database.

The project ended up having a digital signage component added, to display notices across tv screens within an existing digital signage hardware solution.

Social Network

This was a complex social network platform which was heavily based on nested reusable functions.  After 5 months of development it was discovered it was no longer what the client was after, and the project was ended.

  • API hooks with flickr, youtube/google
  • Advanced templating engine allowing on-the-fly modification of CSS rules
  • Real-time efficient multiple thumbnail engine from uploaded & linked media
  • Highly recursive branched functions
  • Customised tools were also developed for the staff.

Some of the technologies used were:

  • google / youtube api
  • flickr api
  • dojo
  • ajax
  • javascript
  • css
  • html5
  • php / codeigniter / MVC
  • mysql
  • ubuntu server
  • bash scripting
  • rsync backups

Due to the policies of the project manager, no screenshots are available.

Offer Soup

Built during the “Daily Deals” craze, this site scalped the big daily deal sites for what was going on at any time – allowing for a client to visit just one site rather than 10 or 20.  It had an intelligent updating & caching system where it would update only once every 30 minutes if someone was visiting, allowing for cron-less operation.

It is no-longer in operation.

Window Shopping Directory Centre

Searchable online business directory built using Perl, where each business had its own editable multi-page profile generated real-time from a mySQL database.

Original version was commercially successful, bringing in advertising revenue from banner ads placed throughout the site.

Pictured is the Third revision which was rewritten using PHP but never released due to management & budget constraints.