This is a place to keep track of things I am working on.  My workshop!

A dynamic chart to see if your life is in order.  Utilising Chart.js, Dojo, along with a lot of raw Javascript and CSS trickery.  Split in to logical files to have the settings excluded from the code.
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Shows a snapshot of the local weather including rainfall, temperature, radar and wind speed.
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html simulated flame effect
Written a long time ago, has been updated & optimised slightly. Could be converted to HTML5 to increase speed & appearance again.
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actionscript fishtank
Originally written in javascript, this fishtank with heavy use of sine waves & intersecting circles was converted over to actionscript for a flash banner.
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tetris concept
Early attempt at writing tetris within javascript.
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inspiration machine
Displays random images created from text characters, to help the graphical mind get some ideas of where to start.
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PHP script to show the latest (named) image file no matter how deep within folders it is nested.  For webcams that create a new dated folder each day, in addition to dated names.

Anything that is freely available about your internet connection, browser, etc.
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Random generator for passwords, keys, uuids, etc.
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