Daily Updates Console

Daily Updates console is a streamlined version of one that was existing. ┬áPreviously staff had to edit through an old perl-based web interface which wasn’t user friendly or intuitive (required training), had many unnecessary steps, and sent all the information at 3am at night. ┬áThe new console solved all of these problems with the following changes:

  • bringing the backend & frontend in to modern web technologies (dojo, php)
  • separated the editing in to logical sections (sports, news, weather) and in logical order
  • combined the editing (left column) and web preview (right column) in to one single interface rather than across two browser windows – bringing the content to the staff member as opposed to them having to find it
  • built the transfer script in to the interface itself so staff would not need any command line training/access and could send as soon as the data was input.

The result cut editing times in half & allowed for multiple staff to take on the task with almost no learning curve.