Web Applications Developer

...with a healthy dose of Linux Administration, Databases, and Graphics.

You’ll often find me digging around Linux and the scripting languages that it brings, notably PHP, Javascript, and Bash. Understanding the underlying technologies allows me to develop across the full stack of technologies – from the database all the way to the app – all while maintaining the devices and servers it all runs on.

Having commercial success across many of the products which I have been heavily involved, along with earned the Linux Foundation Systems Administrator certificate a few years ago, confirms that I am delivering the best of my ability to the companies that I work for.

Seeing people use and enjoy the systems and products I’ve had a part in bringing to life are why I do what I do, while continuing to improve and support them in a friendly, approachable manner.

This site is a collection of some of the products and projects I have completed, and that I am working on currently.  Please take a look around, see what you think, and thanks for visiting!