I have spent considerable time developing products in variety of programming languages – notably PHP and JavaScript, with a healthy side of Bash scripting along the way.  I enjoy keeping up with all things web development and IT, to ensure the projects I am involved with are of the latest and greatest technologies available.

You’ll often find me digging around Linux servers and the scripting languages that it brings, and connecting multiple servers in different ways.  Understanding the underlying technologies helps me configure Windows and OS X servers, along with the desktops and tablets they provide services for.

I always look forward to the end result, seeing people use and enjoy the systems and products that I have had a part in bringing to life, continuing to improve and support them in a friendly, approachable manner.

This site is a collection of some of the products and projects I have completed, and that I am working on currently.  Please take a look around, see what you think, and thanks for visiting!