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3D Modelling & Animation

Just a sampling of some of my more interesting early 3d test renderings, along with others that represent more the quality of work that has been used later on websites & presentations.

BMRT (similar to Pixars Renderman)

  • fog
  • radiosity
  • refraction
  • shaders


  • polygon modelling
  • keyframe animation


  • animation


  • mesh/subdivide



  • metaballs, mesh/subdivide,
  • texturing, physics & particles
  • animation / bones / curves


  • nurbs
  • CAD

icons, logos, basic animations, industrial design, contour heightmaps, tradeshow stands, concepts

Window Shopping Directory Centre

Searchable online business directory built using Perl, where each business had its own editable multi-page profile generated real-time from a mySQL database.

Original version was commercially successful, bringing in advertising revenue from banner ads placed throughout the site.

Pictured is the Third revision which was rewritten using PHP but never released due to management & budget constraints.