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Menupatch, Free Digital Signage

An evolution of the Student Notices V2 project, completely re-written again to allow for multiple user accounts, media uploads, and an algorithmic digital signage system.  This was released for free to complement the commercial Signchro product.

Notable Features:

  • Fully responsive layout using Bootstrap CSS.
  • Paypal API integration to keep track of accounts and payments.
  • Dedicated Digital Signage interface, with complex weighted calculations to use all available display face in the most optimal manner.
  • Media optimisation on upload to multiple sizes, for optimal display and bandwidth usage throughout.
  • UUID based database and file storage.
  • DOM manipulation for Multi-use Modals.
  • MVC framework for ease of maintenance.

Offer Soup

Built during the “Daily Deals” craze, this site scalped the big daily deal sites for what was going on at any time – allowing for a client to visit just one site rather than 10 or 20.  It had an intelligent updating & caching system where it would update only once every 30 minutes if someone was visiting, allowing for cron-less operation.

It is no-longer in operation.

FlexiFi v2

This was a huge product, designed to replace the FlexiFi Digital Media System.  There were a few key points considered when developing this software:

  • It must allow for almost limitless client configurations (display orientation & placement, showing menus and slideshows on one display, etc)
  • The client must be presented with a logical interface to easily modify and create content for their displays
  • Reduce the amount of network traffic needed for the editing interface to increase the speed of which remote support could be achieved, along with remote (off-site) editing for the client.
  • Keep the structure modular in order to easily add new objects in as clients requested them.
  • It must use the existing support systems (VPN) as close as possible to reduce complications of having to learn new systems for support staff.

It ended up being a commercially successful system replacing most FlexiFi systems while utilising the existing nationwide support VPN, and is still in use at many sites nationwide.

If you are using FlexiFi2 (or any digital signage system) please visit signagebank.com for pre-made stock slides and animations for your displays.

Window Shopping Directory Centre

Searchable online business directory built using Perl, where each business had its own editable multi-page profile generated real-time from a mySQL database.

Original version was commercially successful, bringing in advertising revenue from banner ads placed throughout the site.

Pictured is the Third revision which was rewritten using PHP but never released due to management & budget constraints.


Small low power, solid state, cost effective monitoring & control device to assist System Administrators.  Based around the atmega328 chipset, included automatic fetching of instructions with advanced custom memory mapping techniques to store them. Custom circuit board design with eagle. Multiple prototypes tested successfully.

  • relay (headphone jack)
  • infra red
  • led
  • speaker
  • numeric display
  • thermometer
  • usb power
  • network monitoring
  • clock

multiple instructions, schedules, plug & play

  • cost analysis/inventory
  • industrial design
  • firmware (c)
  • pcb design (eagle), testing, manufacturing, prototyping
  • cms (wordpress/php/mysql)