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Photography & Photo Editing

While not a professional photographer or graphic artist, I enjoy the techniques behind great photos and how to take them, along with what can be done later on to turn a good photo in to a great one.

Comfortable with Panoramas and dabbling in Brenzier & Macro photography, Aerial photography took my eye to which I built a full Aerial photography platform as pictured.

Samples of my photographic experiments can be found at the links below.



Trex 600 with Digital SLR
Trex 600 with Digital SLR
  • aerial photography
  • panoramas
  • brenzier
  • product photography
  • real-estate photography


  • photo manipulation & restoration
  • file conversion

3D Modelling & Animation

Just a sampling of some of my more interesting early 3d test renderings, along with others that represent more the quality of work that has been used later on websites & presentations.

BMRT (similar to Pixars Renderman)

  • fog
  • radiosity
  • refraction
  • shaders


  • polygon modelling
  • keyframe animation


  • animation


  • mesh/subdivide



  • metaballs, mesh/subdivide,
  • texturing, physics & particles
  • animation / bones / curves


  • nurbs
  • CAD

icons, logos, basic animations, industrial design, contour heightmaps, tradeshow stands, concepts