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Usernames for Amazon Linux (AWS) and Ubuntu AMI

For Amazon Linux, the username is “ec2-user”, for ubuntu it is simply “ubuntu”.

To connect to them you need the key file that was generated when the instance was created, and the public DNS address.  Use a command like:

ssh -i myinstance.pem ec2-user@

Note: Make sure you have opened up ssh (port 22) access to your instance from your IP address.

Desktop Support

  • managed 200+ systems as part of a nationwide digital media network that required high availability & round the clock support for both technical issues & client training.
    • remote desktop (vnc, teamviewer)
    • phone, email, ssh, on-site
  • on-site pc support for hardware installs, windows diagnostics, virus removal & data recovery
  • multi-site mixed network of 500+ devices
    • diagnostics (software & hardware)
    • apple, windows, linux
    • networking
    • imaging