Making KDE look a little more like Gnome

There is a dilemma with linux which I think is partially why it has never truly made it to the desktop.  There are two major interfaces – KDE and Gnome.  These two have been battling it out for as long as I can remember – some people prefer the ‘Gnome look’, others prefer KDE. I’ll […]

pfSense Firewall on an intel NUC

An Intel NUC is a perfect device to use as a pfSense firewall.  Here’s why. Pros: Low power Quiet Reliable Very small – smaller than most modems / routers! Upgradeable Fast! Cons: Can be expensive Cheaper models come with Realtek ethernet chipsets, the i3 model comes with Intel chipsets which will work. Only one Ethernet […]

Hard Reset your Windows Phone

If your phone is unresponsive and you can’t reach Settings , you may be able to reset your phone using the hardware buttons. On Nokia Lumia phones (and some others), do the following to reset your phone: Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons at the same time until you feel a vibration […]

Making Windows boot first in grub

Copy your original /boot/grub/grub.cfg to /boot/grub/grub.orig as a backup Find your grub include files – usually /etc/grub.d Move 30_os-prober to 09_os-prober so that it is now located before 10_linux Run grub-mkconfig and check that things are in the right order Run grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub/cfg (you will need to sudo su for this) Then reboot. If […]

Microsoft Edge Malware Popup

Just today I managed to get this annoying popup happening: Something I didn’t think possible in Windows 10’s new browser.  The popup incorrectly identifies the browser as “chrome” and warns that I have been infected with “TRJ.DealWare.Stealth”, with the only answer to call 1-800-037-636. Windows defender (installed by default) picked up nothing. I installed spybot […]

Microsoft Volume Licensing Tips

After having spent significant time trying to find answers, and constantly hitting brick walls with vague or non-existant terms, hopefully this list of hints regarding Microsofts Volume Licensing will help someone. User CALs / Device CALs You need 1 User/Device CAL for each user/device that uses any of the services of your windows server, including […]